Progressive Dane is Hiring!

Job Description

About the ProDane Staff Organizer

Limited Term Employment: 6 months

Deadline: February 18, 2019, 4pm

The Staff Organizer is Progressive Dane’s only paid staff. The position focuses on recruiting new members, retaining current members and getting them involved in the work of the organization, and office management. Attendance at various meetings is required.

To recruit and retain members, the Staff Organizer must have a passionate belief in progressive third-party politics; share the values that underlie Progressive Dane’s work; have the skills to communicate our values and work to others; and the ability to persuade them to join the party.

The Staff Organizer must be able to work on their own, be flexible, possess and ably use discretion, have good interpersonal skills, be creative and have a sense of humor. Knowledge of word processing, database and e-mail programs is required, and some knowledge of website maintenance and graphic design is preferred.

The Staff Organizer is supervised by the Co-Chairs of the Party and other interested Steering Committee members. The Steering Committee meets regularly with the Staff Organizer.

The Staff Organizer does not work directly on Progressive Dane-endorsed electoral campaigns. Any electoral activities in which the Staff Organizer participates must be done on their own time and is strictly voluntary. Except as directed by the Steering Committee, the Staff Organizer also does not participate in the work of Progressive Dane committees, with the exception of the Membership Committee. The Staff Organizer may be an active member of any committee they wish, but this activity is strictly voluntary.

The position pays $15 per hour. With only one Staff Organizer, Progressive Dane cannot offer group health insurance at this time. The Staff Organizer works out details for vacation and sick days with the Steering Committee. The position is budgeted for up to 10 hours per week. Additional hours are possible in the future if the Staff Organizer is successful in recruiting more members for the organization. Some evening and weekend work is required.

Equal Employment Opportunity

Progressive Dane is an equal opportunity employer that seeks a workforce representing the diversity of the community we serve. Accordingly, we prohibit discrimination based on race, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender (including gender identity), sexual orientation, marital status, age, physical and/or mental disability, medical condition, military service and/or veteran status, and all other characteristics protected by federal, state or local law. Women, people of color, individuals with disabilities, and/or members of the LGBTQ+ community are highly encouraged to apply.


The duties of the Staff Organizer are:

New Member Recruitment/Retention (55% of time - actual anytime left over after performing the needed housekeeping duties of meetings, office, and volunteer coordination)

The primary task of the Staff Organizer is to bring new members into Progressive Dane. The Staff Organizer should have the ability to:

  • identify new sources of members;

  • design and implement strategies for contacting potential members; and

  • motivate potential members to actually join.

In the past, Progressive Dane has had great success in recruiting new members through various techniques, including mass mailings, house parties, door-to-door canvassing and speaking to allied groups. However, the Staff Organizer has great discretion in how to pursue new members. The Staff Organizer will be required to develop a work plan that will provide the context in which they and the Steering Committee will evaluate the weekly work of the Staff Organizer.

In addition, the Staff Organizer is responsible for managing and maintaining current memberships and for increasing current members monthly contributions. This is currently done on a rolling basis and involves electronic communication to members followed by reminder phone calls. This requires putting together email campaigns and several phone banks. The Staff Organizer does not do all of this work, but is responsible for recruiting and supervising volunteers to complete these tasks.

Coordinating Volunteers (15% of time - minimum 4 hours a month, any more would fall after time found for recruitment/retention)

Progressive Dane also has volunteers who commit to working substantial, regular hours of work. Examples are volunteers that maintain our database, coordinate our website or e-newsletter, or research interns from local universities. The Staff Organizer is responsible for identifying tasks suitable for these volunteers and for supervising their work. Sample volunteer job descriptions can be found in the appendixes.

The Staff Organizer is also responsible for organizing Progressive Dane’s volunteer actions as needed. The Staff Organizer must identify tasks suitable for volunteers of varying skill levels and supervise the work of those volunteers.

Office Management (20% of time less if able to find volunteers to do some of the work)

The Staff Organizer is the first person to read our mail and e-mail and to answer the phone. The Staff Organizer does not need to respond to all of this material, and indeed should not. But the Staff Organizer must be able to decide who should respond and get the material to the appropriate person.

The Staff Organizer is responsible for maintaining our database and is the keeper of several Progressive Dane contact lists.

In general, the Staff Organizer should not do those tasks that volunteers are able to do. The Staff Organizer may be under some pressure to undertake work on behalf of Progressive Dane committees and may be distracted by the minutia of office management.

The Staff Organizer must have the ability to say no to any tasks that are not approved by the Steering Committee and to forward to others those office management tasks that fall outside the Staff Organizer’s duties.

Meetings (10% of time - includes prep, meeting, and follow-up)

The Staff Organizer must attend certain meetings. Attendance at these meetings is considered part of the job and is paid. Attendance at all other meetings is strictly voluntary (and therefore unpaid) unless approved by the Steering Committee. The meetings the Staff Organizer must attend are:

  • Steering Committee – (usually the first Sunday of each month in the afternoon);

  • General Membership Meetings (fourth Wednesday of each month in the evening);

  • Membership & Outreach Committee (schedule TBD)

Brenda Konkel