Our work is entirely funded by grassroots donations from activists and supporters across Dane County. By contributing whatever you can, you directly support our movement-grounded organizing strategy. This includes everything from day-to-day operations like keeping the lights on, to developing innovative policies and mobilizing around issues that matter to Dane County residents. Progressive Dane also provides a variety of support to our Endorsed Candidates to ensure they have the resources needed to run effective campaigns and get elected.

To become a monthly sustaining member, click here.

How do I donate offline?

Make checks payable to:

Progressive Dane
P.O. Box 1222
Madison, WI 53701

What is the difference between the Organizing Fund and Elections Fund?

Our Organizing Fund helps us to run issue campaigns, print literature, pay for mailings, office space, and run our website. None of this money goes towards election activities. Our Elections Fund, on the other hand, pays for election specific activities such as donations to endorsed candidates, funding for trainings and other resources, and endorsement literature. No Elections Funds will go towards general organizing.