How can I find out about the candidates and be an informed voter?
Just ask us who to vote for, we'll tell you! All joking aside, there are many ways to find out information.  One of the favorite guides in Dane County is the Candidates Anders produced by the League of Women Voters. Candidates who miss those deadlines and aren't in the Candidates Answers are usually considered not serious candidates. They also do "Know Your Candidates" video tapings for some races.  Other ways to find out who to vote for are:

  • Newspapers usually do one article on each of the local races comparing the candidates

  • Watch for literature at your door or in the mail

  • Check our their website and facebook pages

  • Check out which organizations endorsed them - but look into the organizations and don't be fooled by their name

  • Look for names of like-minded neighbors on their endorsement lists

What do I need to do to be eligible to vote?
The League of Women Voters has good info on that too!  Here is their page with voting information.   Here is their information on Voter ID as well.  Most municipalities had good information about voting in their area.  Much better than their information on how to run for office.  Here is a list of phone numbers, emails and contact information for clerks in various locations in Wisconsin.

How do I find out where I vote? is where most clerks websites send you to.  Again, the clerks have very good information on most of their pages.  You can search for your polling place here.

How do I find out what is on my ballot? has that information too!  Here is the portion of the website that shows you your ballot.