10. Transportation, Bicycling and Pedestrian Safety

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(Descriptions are directly from the website, will update with better information)

  • Board of Public Works - The Board of Public Works shall superintend all public works, keep the streets and public works in repair, and determine the schedule of using streets for the laying or changing of water or gas pipes, electric light and telephone poles. Additionally, to superintend the city's refuse collection, recycling programs, and yard waste, the restoration of streets, alleys and sidewalks, to oversee all municipal buildings and manage all city utilities, maintenance and engineering activities within the city.

  • Mayor Ad Hoc - Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee - No description

  • Transportation and Transit Commission - In addition to the duties set forth in Wis. Stats. §66.1021, the Transportation & Transit Commission shall assist in developing the transportation component of the comprehensive plan, develop and maintain a mass transit plan, integrate city mass transit plans with county, state, federal, and other local transit plans and address any other transportation concerns as the common council may deem necessary.

  • Airport Commission - The Airport Commission advises the council regarding the planning, development, and operation of the airport. It consists of four citizens, each with a three year term, two alderpersons, and the mayor / designee.

  • Pedestrian, Bicycle & Transit Committee - The Pedestrian, Bicycle, and Transit Committee researches, investigates, and advises on pedestrian safety, on-street and off-street bicycle accommodations, transit operations and potential service changes, and the implementation of and updates to the City of Middleton Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan. The committee consists of two citizens with two year terms, one alderperson with a one year term, one Plan Commission member with a one year term, one Public Works Committee member with a one year term, one Committee on Aging member with a one year term, and one member of the MCPASD (school district).

  • Public Works Committee - The Public Works Committee supervises all public works and keeps the streets, alleys, sewers, and public works and places in repair. Consists of five citizens (two year term), two alderpersons (one year term), and one alternate (city engineer).

  • Mass Transit Commission - The Mass Transit Commission develops and recommends to the City Council policies on the various elements of public transportation and transportation facilities. The purpose of the Mass Transit Commission is to provide for the safe and efficient transport of persons and goods within the community. View the public transportation options for Monona residents.

  • Public Works Committee - The Public Works Committee has the duty, under the direction of the City Council, to superintend the construction and maintenance of streets, alleys, sidewalks, storm sewers, sanitary sewers, water system, and other public works projects. The committee reviews and makes recommendations to the City Council on amendments or other revisions to the official map of the city, and the general operation of all municipal utilities.

  • Public Works - The oversight responsibilities of this committee include street department, streets and alleys, signing of streets, sidewalks, disposal of stormwater, maintenance of municipally owned property, permits, installation and maintenance of traffic signs, public transportation, tree commission, planning department, Main Street enhancement committee, cemetery board, and all ordinances and policies concerning or affecting these subjects.

  • Transit Commission - Duties of the Commission include, but are not be limited to:

    • Act as the oversight authority for the taxi service and make recommendations for changes to the taxi service as may be necessary on topics such as rate structure, expansion of service and hours of operation. This includes the City's shared-ride taxi program.

    • Review and make recommendations for future transit alternatives.

    • Review and respond to customer complaints.

    • Review and make recommendations regarding alternative revenue options, including intergovernmental agreements and grant applications.

    Click here for a full description of the Transit Commission in Chapter 2.68 of the Sun Prairie Municipal Code of Ordinances.

  • Transportation Committee - no description but lots of info on their site.

  • Board of Public Works - The Public Works Committee has oversight over the following areas:

    • Review and recommend policies regarding public works issues.

    • Award contracts as authorized by state statutes.

    • Acceptance of public improvements (both privately-developed and city-contracted).

    • Review and recommend approval of development agreements.

    • Review easements and right-of-way acquisition and changes.

    • Review traffic-related matters.

    • Review and recommend the granting of variances for driveway openings.

    • Serve as the forum to discuss concerns raised by citizens regarding public works issues.

    • Consider other matters which are referred by council or committee of the whole.

    The Public Works Committee's duties can be found under Section 2.08.050 of the Municipal Code.


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