2. Affordable Wages and Workers Rights

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 (Descriptions are directly from the website, will update with better information.)

  • Community and Economic Development Authority - The Authority shall carry out and effectuate the purposes and provisions of Wis. Stats. §6.1213, 66.1201, 66.1333, and 66.1335 for housing and community development authorities and elderly under § 66.1213, redevelopment under § 66.1333 as agent of the City in planning and carrying out community development programs and activities. Additionally, performing all functions required to be performed by a sponsor of a housing rehabilitation program, including reinvestment in neighborhoods, administration of the City's housing rehabilitation program and any other programs of rehabilitation.

  • Personnel Committee - Oversee all boards, commissions, officers, officials and employees in any matter concerning labor contracts, salaries, benefits, compliance with affirmative action, equal employment opportunity, or other employment-related programs. Approve all application forms, hiring guidelines, employee training programs, employee guidelines and handbooks, disciplinary procedures and discharge and termination procedures. Oversee all personnel matters, have charge of all matters arising under Wis. Stats §111 and oversee all personnel matters involving employees of the City including any matters involving the state employment relations commission relative to collective bargaining. The committee is responsible for conducting disciplinary hearings involving employees covered by the City's civil service provisions and shall have the duties and powers prescribed in section 16-10 and Wis. Stats. §66.0509.

  • Affirmative Action Commission - Madison General Ordinance Sec. 39.02(3) - Annually review, approve and recommend the city-wide affirmative action plan as proposed by the Affirmative Action Director; advise affected and/or other under-represented groups of their rights under the Affirmative Action Program; disseminate information and educate citizens to a greater understanding and practice of affirmative action employment for all affected and/or other under represented groups; render, from time to time, but not less than once a year, written reports of its progress, activities and recommendations to the mayor and Common Council; recommend and review such rules and regulations as may be necessary to promulgate the city's Affirmative Action Program; develop and review the contract compliance requirements of the City of Madison and to develop a policy with respect to vendors and contractors; and to make specific recommendations to the Common Council so as to bring all appropriate ordinances into conformity with the policies of this ordinance if necessary.

  • Committee on Employee Relations - Madison General Ordinance 33.10 - The Committee on Employee Relations shall act in an advisory capacity to the Mayor and the Common Council in making studies and recommendations relative to rates of pay, hours of work and conditions of employment for employees employed by the City of Madison who are not in a compensation group containing general municipal employees where a certified labor organization has been elected to collectively bargain. The Committee is advisory only and is not created to, nor shall it engage, at any time, in collective bargaining. Creating ordinance ORD-14-00172, File ID# 36082 - effective date 12/11/2014

  • Committee on Sweatfree Purchases - ORD--05-00162, ID 01665, approved by Council 10-11-2005. Madison General Ordinance Sec. 4.25 - Ensure that City procurement of apparel is made from responsible contractors and vendors who agree to adhere to the minimum employment standards required in the ordinance and to require their subcontractors and third-party suppliers to do the same so that all employees involved in the City's procurement may be afforded the opportunity to a fair, humane work environment as described in the ordinance. The committee is created for the purpose of ongoing evaluation and assistance in the application of the ordinance and the furtherance of its purpose. Annually the committee shall provide the Council with a report describing any suggested recommendations regarding the ordinance and communicate with other governmental units to encourage similar policies to further increase the effectiveness of the ordinance in achieving its policy goals.

  • Deferred Compensation Committee - To make and implement, on behalf of hte City, all necessary decisions relating to the 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan for the benefit of Plan participants in compliance with Federal and State laws and regulations, including preparing, maintaining and updating the Investment Policy Statement. ORD-10-00092, File ID 19739

  • Equal Opportunities Commission - Madison General Ordinance Sec. 39.03 (10) - 1) Study the existence, character, causes and extent of denial of equal opportunity because of sex, race, religion, color, national origin or ancestry, age, handicap, marital status, source of income, arrest or conviction record, less than honorable discharge, physical appearance, sexual orientation, domestic partnership, familial status, political beliefs, retaliation, Social Security Number, or the fact that a person is a student, or a member of a domestic partnership as defined in the ordinances; 2) informally recommend solutions to individual problems that may arise which involve the denial of equal opportunities because of above-listed; 3) disseminate information and provide technical assistance, consultation, training programs, and other techniques to educate the people of the City of Madison and to aid private and public agencies to use their resources to promote equal opportunities for all persons; 4) receive and initiate complaints alleging violation of this ordinance and attempt to eliminate or remedy any violation by means of conciliation, persuasion, education, litigation, or any other means to make the complainant whole again; 5) test and investigate for the purpose of establishing violations of Sec. 39.03 of these ordinances and, if appropriate, make, sign and file complaints alleging violations; 6) render from time to time, but not less than one year, written report of its activities and recommendations to the mayor and Common Council; 7) adopt such rules and regulations as may be necessary to carry out the purpose and provisions of this ordinance; 8) issue subpoena pursuant to State Stats. Sec. 885.01 to assist in the execution of its duties; 9) from time to time designate commissioners and/or Equal Opportunities Division staff to carry out its duties; 10) administer and enforce the Minimum Wage Ordinance.

  • Equal Opportunities Commission Employment Subcommittee - Madison General Ordinance Sec. 39.03(8)(n) - Original Authorization: Created in 1966 to assist the Madison Equal Opportunities Commission in fulfilling its mission of enabling all individuals to live and work free of employment discrimination by acting as an advisor on fair employment issues; and by further developing and supporting the community's understanding of and commitment to fair employment and to the value of diversity in the work place. Name changed to Equal Opportunities Commission Employment Subcommittee per ORD-09-00052, ID 13252 adopted 3-17-2009; formerly EOC Employment Subcommittee. The EOC Employment Committee shall consist of 15 maximum voting members including one member of the Equal Opportunities Commission. Membership of the Employment Committee is open to a City of Madison company, business or non-profit designee and to individual representatives. City of Madison residency is not required.

  • Personnel - The oversight responsibilities of this committee include the HR department, policy decisions and necessary interpretation of work rules and union agreements, all personnel policies, hearings or decisions related to employee hiring, discipline and status as required by ordinance and/or city policy, union and employee negotiation, personnel position requests, payroll questions, position description creation and appeals, any matter dealing with firms retained for personnel purposes, exclusive of their contact and all ordinances and policies concerning or affecting such subjects.

  • Fireman's Pension Board

  • Personnel Committee - The Personnel Committee has oversight over the following areas:

    • Participate in city contract negotiations with bargaining units. Recommend council action regarding tentative agreements.

    • Participate in the interview process for department head positions. Review and approve final candidates for appointment to these positions.

    • Review and approve department head contracts.

    • Review and recommend council action regarding personnel policies.

    • Review and recommend council action regarding workplace safety policies.

    • Review and approve changes and modifications to the non-union pay plan and classification of nonunion positions.

    • Review and approve annual changes to city fringe benefit packages.

    • Receive and review various staff reports on personnel actions throughout the city administration.

    • Hear and decide on city administrator recommendations regarding department head suspensions and dismissals.

    • Consider any other matters which will be referred by the council or committee of the whole.

  • The Personnel Committee's duties can be found under Section 2.08.050 of the Municipal Code


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